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All that is writing is not gold
Friday, April 11, 2008 Mahes By: Marissa Chenery

Dana's one time friend, Ellie, sends her an ancient scroll from Egypt. Not knowing there would be consequences for doing so, she opens the scroll. Having an Egyptian god come to pass judgment was the last thing she expected. That it's Mahes, the one Egyptian god she is obsessed with, makes it that much more unbelievable.

Mahes, the protector of maat, is sent to pass judgment on the mortal woman who has broken universal order by opening the Book of Thoth. He soon finds himself in a difficult position as his attraction for Dana grows.

With the help of his brother god Nefertem, Mahes and Dana set out to return the book before Dana is tempted to read from it and in doing so condemns herself to death.


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Tempting Adam

Christy Wallace may be a respectable Seattle Spanish teacher, but she’s got a sultry side. She lets it come out to play during the summer, when she moonlights as a Salsa dancing instructor.

Sexy, cowboy Adam wants more time with her than just a fleeting cup of coffee, but she makes it clear that if he wants her, he’ll have to sign up for dance class. Amazingly enough, he does. And Christy finds herself falling for a charming country hick with hands as fast as his feet.

Adam’s no hick, though. He’s the owner of Adam’s Apples, the fastest-growing cider business in eastern Washington. To his own surprise, one night with her has him thinking in terms of forever. That is, until he walks into a restaurant for a family lunch—and finds Christy on the arm of his brother.

Is there a logical explanation? Or is something rotten in Seattle?

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, dirty mechanical bull riding, and the violation of blueberries.



“Do you want to get out of here?” Adam asked, reaching out to touch her hand. He heard the sharp breath she drew in, and his own pulse jacked up a notch.


Her gaze met his. Her pupils were dilated, her breathing was uneven. She still wanted him. The signs were all there. She broke the contact, averting her gaze and sliding out of the booth.

Adam gritted his teeth, staring at the sexy curve of her a**. That temptation threshold was crumbling, slowly, but surely. He stood up and followed her out of the bar.

They stepped outside and the noise dropped to a muted roar. Thank God. Not even for Christy would he go back to that place. If she ever came over the mountains, he’d show her what a real bar was like.

His earlier idea once again flickered through his head. It was gaining momentum.

“Are you cold?” Adam asked as he unlocked the passenger door to his truck. Christy had her arms folded in front of her chest, and he saw a shiver pass through her.

“A bit. Nothing a little car heat won’t cure,” she answered and climbed into the truck.

Adam went around to his door, already shrugging out of his flannel shirt. He had a T-shirt underneath and was still hot from being squashed into that hellhole.

“Here, put this on.”

Christy caught the flannel with a look of surprise. “You didn’t need to take off your shirt.”

“My mama raised me right, darlin’.” He deliberately inflected an accent as he shut the door to the truck.

She laughed as she slipped her arms into the shirt, leaving it unbuttoned. It was so big that it almost went to her knees. She looked ridiculous. And sexy as hell.

“See, you could easily be a local,” she told him. “You’ve got the flannel shirt and everything.”

“I thought the grunge movement died out.”

“It did, but I’m not sure all of Seattle got the memo.”

Adam’s grin widened. “I like your humor, Christy.”

“What else do you like?” she quipped with an impish grin. Her cheeks reddened and she dropped her gaze. “Oh God. Sorry, sometimes it just pops out before I think about it.”

Lord it was hard to resist her. Especially when she was flirting so adorably. Which should’ve been a problem in itself, Adam reminded himself. She didn’t have the right to flirt.

“I don’t mind.” Why didn’t he mind? And why wasn’t he starting the truck and driving away from this intimate moment?

“You don’t?” She looked so damn surprised and hopeful.

“Darlin’, sometimes I want you the way I had you on Tuesday.” Sometimes? Hell, all the time. But he was better than that. He was, damn it. He wouldn’t seduce his brother’s girlfriend. Again. “But it just can’t happen.”

“Says who?” Christy’s tongue did that sexy swipe over her lips, her eyes bright and intense.

“Rules.” Adam clenched his fists, the only way he could stop himself from touching her. Get a hold of yourself, buddy.

“You know what they say about rules. They’re made to be broken.” She slid across the seat towards him. Her warm body pressed close to his. “I need you to do something for me, Adam.”

“What’s that?” Tresses of her hair tickled his chin and he could smell the flowery scent of her shampoo.

She raised her head and locked her gaze with his. “I need you to trust me when I say that nothing is as it seems.”

That wasn’t exactly what he’d expected her to say.

“What isn’t what it seems, Christy?”

She hesitated and then sighed, shaking her head. “That’s all I can say.”

Lord she was making this hard on him.

“Do you trust me, Adam?”

He wanted to. Her intensity seemed so sincere, her desperation for him to say yes, puzzling. And God, he wanted her so bad.

“Your silence speaks for itself.” She started to slide away. “I don’t have the right to ask you to trust me anyway.”

The loss of her warmth pressed against him spurred Adam into action. He turned, wrapping his hands around her waist. She seemed surprised, but didn’t protest, as he settled her on his lap. She shifted, leaning back against the door.

“I trust you, Christy.” He rubbed his thumb over her mouth, which parted on a sigh. “I think I’m probably crazy to do so, but for some reason I trust you.”



Shelli Stevens, Greater Seattle RWA President
A little bit of laughter and a whole lot of spice
Webpage|Blog|My Space|Naughty and Spice

Now Available, Seattle Steam: Dangerous Grounds, Samhain Publishing
Now Available, Seattle Steam: Tempting Adam, Samhain Publishing

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New from Tawny Taylor

New Collection:
Carpe Nocturne by Tawny Taylor $8.99
(vampire menage-a-trois)
Now Available from www.ChangelingPress.com

One determined entrepreneur
Two seductive vampires
A brutal murderer…
…and a bar where every vampire knows your name.
Gives new meaning to the expression “Thrilling Nightlife.”

Burke Langton is on the run. Wrongfully accused of murder, he’s just one step ahead of the Excoluni -- the law enforcement arm of the United Magical Nations -- trying to track down the real killer. When the murderer strikes again, this time at Club Carpe Nocturne, Burke learns the owner, Sylvie Durand, is not only his Origo -- his mate -- and she may be the murderer’s next victim.

Miko Dvorak, a high-ranking officer of the Excoluni, is assigned to bring Burke to justice. But that’s no easy task, for the two share an Origo. Should he be caught protecting Burke from the Excoluni, his career will be over. Sylvie’s determined to convince him to take that risk.

Together the three must conquer a madman who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, clear Burke’s name, and shatter the chains that bind them to their own private demons before they can achieve the blood-bond they must have to survive.

Purchase Carpe Nocturne before this week's new books release and use the discount code
"Carpe Nocturne" to receive 5% off your entire order.

This collection contains the previously released novellas:
Carpe Nocturne 1: Dressed To Kill,
Carpe Nocturne 2: Kiss Me; Kill Me,
Carpe Nocturne 3: If Looks Could Kill.

"Tawny Taylor blew me away with this series... I love anything Tawny writes because she has a gift and is able to draw you in to her stories from beginning to the end."
-- Nicole Harvey, ParaNormalRomance (PNR)
"If you haven’t yet read the Carpe Nocturne series, I urge you to do so immediately!"
-- Tara Renee, TwoLips Reviews

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I'm Still Pregnant

I'm not complaining. A few days ago I thought that the baby had slipped out and I'd flushed it at some point. I stopped having some of the normal symptoms I'd been having. So I took that third pregnancy test, positive. I still wasn't sure, because you can have a miscarriage, take a pregnancy test and it still show positive. Got up the next mornign and I guess God thought he'd make me very well aware that I'm still prego. Sick all stinkin day long, felt like my uterus was goign to fall otu and I laid on the couch all day. I'm still prego.

I've only edited three pages of my ms. And I've decided it's going to EC not HQ. It's not to say it still won't be rejected, I just think it's more their style not HQ's. I had a really wonderful lady look it over for me and I couldn't have been more happy with her comments. This thing might actually have a chance.

Now if I could get my other CP's to want to get their tales to work, we might be able to motivate each other. We all need to take breaks. That's understandable. But dammit we're slackin! I'm so jealous of those ladies that are rockin and rollin right now with publishing. BAH! Alright over it, I'm really happy for the Diva ladies that are really busy keepin themselves above the water here.

WE're going camping May 9, so that's really the biggest news I have. LOL

Sad news is, my youngest sister has suffered from Fibromyalgia for many years now. And it was in remission for a while, then it was managable, now it's completely out of control. She went into hospital for a few days for them to run tests and find out why she can't breath well, they found nothing. I haven't heard from her, so I hope she's alright or at least sleeping well. That said, they want her to see a therapist to find out what the underlying cause of her fibro is. It would be really nice to figure it out. I love my sister dearly and hate to see her in this kind of pain.

My weekend goal is to work on edits. I also have to send out an r from my publisher. Not fun. And I desperatly need to update my sites.

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Friday, April 04, 2008 The last month

Oh boy where to begin. I wrote a short vamp story. Been editing Mistress. Figured out my slave story and I've been working on that one. But, it's going in the wrong direction already. I have serious issues with people being mad at each other. But, that's ok. I'm workign to get over it. It can only make me a better writer. I had a dream about a phenominal story line. The problem is, I don't write paranormal/fantasy.. whatever shapeshifter thing is. I'm too nice and I tend to leave out details. So I wrote down the pitch and I'm leaving it alone, despite that it's driving me nuts and is dying to be written. I also figured out Club of Hearts and what was holding that up. Thankfully, I will be able to correct this problem as well.

So what's my big huge gynormous news? I'm pregnant. Yup. Hubby and I are going to have another baby. We're very excited about all of this. Financially it's come at a bad time. However, I really need to quit smoking anyway, so what's a better time than that. I'm feeling ok. Just exhausted. I've also managed to replace my keys and this is the first time in history I have no idea where they might be. I'm extremly hungry most of the day. Because I"ve had the worst heartburn ever, I've given into prilosec. I have no idea if I can take it but I had to do something. I'm waiting to hear from Medicaid. If we can get on medicaid then at least there will be one thing we don't have to worry about.

That's really all the update I have. I need to be by here more often to track my writing progress. I've signed in many times, but I haven't had the energy to write anything down. Figure I'd just wait and give the whole news at once.

Happy reading and writing folks

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