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All that is writing is not gold
Tuesday, August 19, 2008 Nice to see I still have a blog

ACH! I'm still pregnant. You haven't seen me because sitting in my chair makes my legs go numb. Seriously, I think first pregnancies are a breeze to help keep the species alive. If I have done this with the first I probably wouldn't have gone through this again. Although, I must be a glutton for punishment because I'm already thinking about the third. LOL Whatever, I feel well enough to at least jump on here and let folks know that I haven't fallen off the earth, I've just taken a sitting break.

Doc gave me some great pointers so I've at least been able to start reading again. On the couch. Not much internet reading going on so all my sites have gone to poo poo land. I promise to be back in the game soon enough just now isn't a good time. I'm seriously thinking about getting an ebook reader. I might go price some today or tomorrow. I've already spent too much time here and my foot hurts.

But there you have it. HUGS and talk to you all soon.

Posted by Miranda Heart :: 8:58 AM :: 1 comments

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