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All that is writing is not gold
Tuesday, May 06, 2008 Morning Sickness? I wish that's all it was!

Thursday will make twelve weeks. Twelve. I go from sick at night to sick all stinkin day to just sick at night. And worse I can't even vomit. So I just sit around with a rolling stomach all day long. I'm so tired that I haven't touched the house in weeks. The only time I've felt even somewhat well is when I go for walks, and today that stopped working. With my last pregnancy it wasn't like this. The tiredness sure, but this sick thing lasted all of two weeks. I'm going on like eight now. I really just wish it would go away.

I did do some actual work for FB today. Read through an ms they wanted to accept. So I did actually accomplish something. ALthough sitting at the comp makes me feel sick so I can only be here for short bouts. I moved a few things on the dining room table. The one my husband said was part of the room he was going to have totally spotless (Yet another way for him to show me up.). The floor is really clean, but it's all sitting on top of my dining room table now. And he wonders why I never say anything. But, then I was told about how little I've done lately and that I haven't even touched the dining room table. (Insert jaw drop bug eyes here.) That wasn't my job. Oh and I'm tired of hearing... I know your pregnant.... Because if anyone understood how awful I felt, I might hear less of what I'm not accomplishing and get a pat on the back for harboring an alien in my uterus for nine months! Men don't seem to consider the full time job of building a fetus into a human. The energy that takes, the hormones, the food, the exhaustion. Yeah, you guys build a human from nothing more than two microscopic nothings. And do it without the use of your hands or instruments. Jerks.

All that said, I'm sure you will find it obvious that I haven't gotten any work done. Therefore I really have nothing to add here other than.... I'll trade my husband in for a normal one.

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