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All that is writing is not gold
Saturday, June 06, 2009 Getting back into the game

Although I'm not quite ready to pick up the keyboard and start crankin out the words, I am ready to start keeping my journals again. At least for a bit. With the new baby life has been hectic to say the least. It's been an interesting ride with two kids.

The family front has settled down so I guess it was time to start having disagreements with friends. Hubby and I started goign to counseling and it's made a huge difference. The friend front on the other hand has made me wonder why I ever decided to make friends with folks to begin with. Learning how to live peacably in a very opinionated environment is starting to take its toll on me.

On top of that it's forced me into some soul searching. I feel we should always be looking for ways to better ourselves and even if we don't succeed a few steps forward and one step back is still better than standing still. I feel like the year I turned 30 it not only started a new year for me it also began a decade of change. I'm two years into it and although I'm not perfect I'm beginning to look at life and differences with more of an open mind than I did in my twenties. I'm still hot headed I'm still opinionated, but I've learned that it's ok that others differ in their opinions. Not like I get it right everyday, but I'm working towards it. Maybe soon I'll achieve that ever untouchable goal of letting things go. That seems to have gotten worse with age. I dwell on things now and let it eat away at me. In my teens I just dropped it all, the older I get now the more things start to bug me. So that's my thought for the day.

I've been doing alot of reading. I'm having to pump bottles for my little one several times a day and that leaves me with doing little else besides watchign t.v. Now I've seen it all and started picking up my books again. I hope soon I'll be able to purchase an ebook reader and get things started again on my review site. I'm missing my BDSM reading. I'm missing my writing. I tried to pick it up again after the little one was born but it just isn't working out the way I'd like. One step at a time. At some point they all go to school right??

I've been going to church with my sister and focusing on bible study class with her. It's been a real eye opener on how to apply these concepts to everyday life. I've enjoyed it. It's a learning experience and makes sense. Our bible study group is awesome and full of life. Although I must say, it makes it hard to write erotica and read the bible. But, I'll manage somehow. LOL

I guess that's something of an update. I'm on facebook now. Not much to say there. I like it here, I can write as much as I want without anyone cutting me off. Since it seems I've become long winded, I needed this time to just free write.

My hope for 2009 has been to get myself involved in as many mom things as I could. I'd love to have a group of moms to hang out with, talk about the kids with, share stories with. I think the little one will enjoy it as well, even if she's a little too young right now. So I've joined a few moms groups and talkign to the library moms a little more. It's been fun. I can't wait for the school year when our activities pick up again. Hopefully, if I'm lucky it'll help to put some gritty moments of my past behind and help me start fresh.

Be back soon I hope.

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