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All that is writing is not gold
Thursday, May 08, 2008 12 weeks and still sick

I know I keep signing on to whine about this. And you've probably stopped reading by now. But, that's ok, this blog is more for me than you. Why in the hell can't I get this nausea to go away. It was gone all day today. I did a kick ass job in the kitchen for once. All I had to deal with was some leg pain and a slight headache. I really thought I'd skipped it. I had a twinge of sickness at eight. Then again at nine. But nothing to complain about. Come ten I now want to just die. Seriously, I'm so over this. Twelve weeks and I feel like the time might be shrinking but the feeling is worse.

We're prepping to go campign tomorrow. I seem to feel better when camping. I hope that isn't a lie this time. Nothing seems to work anymore.

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