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All that is writing is not gold
Friday, April 11, 2008 I'm Still Pregnant

I'm not complaining. A few days ago I thought that the baby had slipped out and I'd flushed it at some point. I stopped having some of the normal symptoms I'd been having. So I took that third pregnancy test, positive. I still wasn't sure, because you can have a miscarriage, take a pregnancy test and it still show positive. Got up the next mornign and I guess God thought he'd make me very well aware that I'm still prego. Sick all stinkin day long, felt like my uterus was goign to fall otu and I laid on the couch all day. I'm still prego.

I've only edited three pages of my ms. And I've decided it's going to EC not HQ. It's not to say it still won't be rejected, I just think it's more their style not HQ's. I had a really wonderful lady look it over for me and I couldn't have been more happy with her comments. This thing might actually have a chance.

Now if I could get my other CP's to want to get their tales to work, we might be able to motivate each other. We all need to take breaks. That's understandable. But dammit we're slackin! I'm so jealous of those ladies that are rockin and rollin right now with publishing. BAH! Alright over it, I'm really happy for the Diva ladies that are really busy keepin themselves above the water here.

WE're going camping May 9, so that's really the biggest news I have. LOL

Sad news is, my youngest sister has suffered from Fibromyalgia for many years now. And it was in remission for a while, then it was managable, now it's completely out of control. She went into hospital for a few days for them to run tests and find out why she can't breath well, they found nothing. I haven't heard from her, so I hope she's alright or at least sleeping well. That said, they want her to see a therapist to find out what the underlying cause of her fibro is. It would be really nice to figure it out. I love my sister dearly and hate to see her in this kind of pain.

My weekend goal is to work on edits. I also have to send out an r from my publisher. Not fun. And I desperatly need to update my sites.

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