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All that is writing is not gold
Wednesday, January 16, 2008 It's been a while

While I'm actually waiting on a friend to call, I'm going to post something so everyone doesn't think the world sucked me up whole. It was a pretty rough 2007 and come the end of December I began to sift through and take what I needed from that year and learn from it. I threw out a lot of trash so to speak. Friends I thought were friends but weren't really are now gone. Friends I didn't think were true friends turned out to be all I had left. Starting a job is slowly teaching me to have better time managment with my family. Losing my temper is proving to go no where so I'm looking for other ways to settle differences. I'm slowly but surely letting go of my much harbored control and understand that there are things in life that just have to be left to God. I've managed to start 2008 with some semblence of peace.

Giving up smoking didn't pan out so I'm back to smoking. But, again though, I intend to beat it if it's the last (and it might very well be) thing I do. Sales are going pretty well for the two anthologies that I participated in. I know you might think I'm biased but, I feel like we had a very strong group of authors writing for these books. At some point I'll ask someone to compile all the reviews so I can post them on my websites.

BDSM REviews, thanks to Elise is going very well. We have a steady stream of books flowing in and I've recently read two of them, that will hopefully be posted by me soon. My MIL is back in town so I'm actually having regular nights off now instead of gathering what few minutes I can as I go along. I don't think I'd make it if it wasn't for her being around.

Hubby and I could be doing better but we're slowly working on this respectful communicating thing.

And I"ve come to terms with the fact that I abhor football. There are few words in the english dictionary that cause me a fit of anger more so than that one. I've never seen anything so lame as a stupid ball come between families more than that one. I've tried every which way I can think of to come to terms with this sport. But now I just have to accept the fact that I hate it, I'll always hate it and it's ok to hate something like this. What's not ok is the fact that I'm going to be put on bloodpressure medicine if I keep getting angry every single time I hear the word.

THere's nothing going on on the writing front and that's ok. Friend called so I have to go.

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